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The World's Number 1 Psychotechnologist.

As a successful entrepreneur and author, his books have been downloaded over 500,000 times and translated into 32 languages.

He is an internationally renowned corporate consultant, educator and entertainer and is considered the world's foremost leading authority on Psychotechnology.
What is Psychotechnology?

Frankie Mooney defines Psychotechnology as 'any application of technology for psychological purposes or to any way of using psychological processes for a desired outcome.'

Small Business Survival Guide : Weather The Storm
by Frankie Mooney

"We are all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat. Some businesses are shipwrecked whilst others are not.

These are harsh, unprecedented times and as we've seen, not every business is going to make it. People everywhere are struggling and everybody's journey through this storm is different.

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We will weather this storm. This storm will pass. Outlast it.

Please pass this guide to other business owners you think you can help.


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9 Signs That Your Life Is On Track
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The Joy and Serenity of Reading

by Frankie Mooney | May 9th, 2020

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Practically everyone knows about the Public Broadcasting Service on TV, known as "PBS." Also, most are aware of radio's version, National Public Radio, or "NPR." But did you know that these and other public media groups offer an incredible wealth of information online? read more.
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