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Best-selling Books by Frankie Mooney C.Ht.
Frankie Mooney is an award winning writer who's work has been downloaded over 500,000 times in over 42 countries and translated into 32 languages.
His best-selling books are on the shelves of some of the most prestigious universities, secondary schools and community libraries across the world.

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INNER CEO: How to discover your untapped potential and live the life of your dreams.
Published in December, 2020

The Global Pandemic changed everything. Societal and economic lock-down ensued. People's mental health suffered as jobs were lost and careers were annihilated over-night. As well as losing loved ones, people lost their identities and place in society. The effects of COVID-19 have shaken people to the very core of their being leaving many helpless, hopeless and wondering not only 'what now?' but 'what next?'

Then there were the new technologies, evolving customer demands, and societal shifts that rapidly changed the business landscape paving the way for location-independent companies, niche markets, disruptive industries, as well as closely-knit global teams. However, to reap the benefits that these changes have to offer, you must keep yourself up-to-date on the emerging trends. Many people have lost their sense of place in the world. Is it possible to re-build?

As we enter the new mode, external forces aren't the only things to overcome and this is a book for the times.

Frankie Mooney wants to help you navigate these uncertain times and cultivate your Inner CEO - A deep-seated knowing, ability and trust in yourself to live a life of extraordinary success, full of contentment, passion and joy and a sense of clarity that allows your insight and intuition to guide you to take action and make your most wondrous dreams a reality.

Published in February, 2020

Frankie Mooney is an internationally renowned entrepreneur and highly sought after transformative success coach. He is considered the foremost leading authority on Psychotechnology. He operates Clyde Valley Hypnosis Clinic in Lanarkshire, Scotland

psychotechnology   [ˌsaɪkəʊtɛkˈnɒlədʒɪ] psy·cho·tech·nol·o·gy 'any application of technology for psychological purposes or to any way of using psychological processes for a desired outcome.'

In this first edition, Frankie Mooney invites you to join him on an introductory exploration into the fascinating field of psychotechnology as you explore the structure of reality and how it comes to be defined for ourselves and others.

For over 20 years, Frankie Mooney has been teaching psychotechnology and hypnotic modalities for facilitating behavioral change. He works with Fortune 500 companies, CEO's, champion sports athletes, education, government and those looking to make an impact in the world.

This book is an essential guide to understanding the mechanics of change in order for you to help yourself and assist others and is a great starting point for those looking to learn more about the work of Frankie Mooney C.Ht. his insights about the human condition, the nature of reality and how psychological processes can be applied to change it for a specific outcome.

"This book validated everything I believe, everything I have learned and, with his unique point of view, expanded my vision of the mind and hypnosis. I could not put this book down, I have now read it twice!

In order to begin your adventure, you must choose to understand the mechanics of thinking. This is the generous gift Frankie Mooney gives you. He pulls back the curtain to the mechanics of the mind and builds you the foundation to begin your own magical journey to personal growth."

James J. Mapes
(Speaker and Author of Imagine That! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance and Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind)

"I loved this book for many reasons. I think of myself as a 'closet' psychologist, and have dabbled in a bit of studying myself over the years, therefore found this book very useful and informative. It's easy to read in the way it has been written, therefore the subject matter can be retained without extensive 'psycho babble' to clog one's brain too much, so even those just starting to be interested in this field will learn a lot quickly. The author clearly knows his subject matter, and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in this area of expertise, and/or needing advice on how to deal with any personal matters, career enhancement advice or to build confidence in personal self belief. Great book, and I've already recommended to friends who I know will benefit from it." - Amazon Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Published in February, 2015


  • Discover how these experts became the top players in their chosen fields.
  • Learn the exact strategies used by these achievers to grow their businesses.
  • Get inspired by their true stories, journey and accomplishments.
  • Learn how they transformed their life and catapulted their business.
  • Find out how they went from being unseen to achieving super-stardom
Experts who co-authored this volume include (in no particular order): Xesco Espar, David Spungin, Jashvant Shah, Dr. Joanne Messenger, Abe Cherian, Greg Hague, Stephanie Mulac, Axel Meierhoefer, Frankie Mooney, Daniel Van Neikerk, Ellie Borden, Shelly-Ann Williams, Dr. Debbie Novick, Vinil Ramdev, Suzanna Theresia and Keith Kirwen.

"Here's How I Did It " is the saga of personal challenges, achievements and accomplishments of these experts, from around the world. The book opens up to their stories of struggle, how they faced adversity and finally how they became the HEROES of their trade. This book aims to drastically shorten the learning curve by bringing you the combined wisdom of these accomplished, astute and ambitious experts, who worked hard to create and grow their businesses, careers and life.

There's a LOT one can learn from them, just by reading their life stories. Now, it's YOUR turn.


Published in June, 2005

Do you want to improve your life?

Maybe you would like that job you always wanted?

That brand new Ferrari?

Or how about become a millionaire so you can have everything and more for you and your family!

It doesn't matter how young or old you are or what circumstances you may find yourself in.

It's possible and the answer is here waiting to be discovered.

This is the only book you will ever need to read!


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