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Blog Archive - 2020

Have a Strategy for Losing Weight in the New Year
by Frankie Mooney | December 22nd, 2020

Too many people resolve to lose weight but never actually have a plan in place for doing it. Therefore, year after year, they have the same New Year’s resolution because their goal was never achieved. Has this happened to you? How can you change this relentless pattern? read more

Make the Holiday Season Bright, Even with Health Challenges
by Frankie Mooney | December 20th, 2020

Sickness and disease can be debilitating, frustrating, and frightening. But even with a health challenge, you can still see the beauty that still exists all around you. Even when you're dealing with something unpleasant, there are pleasant things to be appreciated and enjoyed. read more

Keeping Your Mental Health Strong During the Holidays
by Frankie Mooney | December 16th, 2020

The holidays can be a very challenging time. You may have concerns about weight gain, family members, work, money, and all kinds of other things. The good news is that, even with all these concerns, you can keep your mental health strong and vibrant during the holidays. read more

Lost a Loved One? Celebrate Their Life During the Holidays
by Frankie Mooney | December 10th, 2020

When a loved one has passed on, the next group of holidays can be painful, sad, and scary. But your loved one would've wanted you to be happy and joyful, smiling as you remember the good times you shared. To work toward that peaceful feeling, find a way to celebrate your loved one's life this holiday season. read more

Creating Abundance By Changing Your Habits
by Frankie Mooney | December 6th, 2020

Whether you’d like to lose a few pounds, enhance your love life, or make more money, your habits are important. Your current situation is the result of your habits. Habits control what we do and think each day. Your thoughts and actions add up over weeks, months, and years. Your circumstances are the result. read more

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Who to Spend Your Holidays With
by Frankie Mooney | December 1st, 2020

The holidays are undoubtedly a time when you want to spend as many hours as possible doing memorable things with those you love most. read more

13 Life Lessons From Classic Holiday Movies and TV Specials
by Frankie Mooney | December 1st, 2020

Holiday movies and TV specials can teach us how to live better and enjoy more happiness year round. These are some of the most important life lessons from a few old favorites and some other works that may be less well known. read more
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