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I will come to you...

Scotland, the Clyde Valley and the shire where I live is beautiful, tranquil and a real get away for those not used to peace and tranquility.

However, I appreciate not everyone can or wants to travel to experience my work in person for one reason or another.

Which is why I am happy to offer a service where I will come to you, wherever you are in the world.

[Update] Before lockdown, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit homes and workplaces, meet with extraordinary individuals and deliver profoundly transformative work in an intimate setting.

I look forward to being able to travel and deliver coaching in person wherever you are again very soon.

Fees begin at $27,000. We will typically spend Friday-Sunday together for 3 morning sessions which will provide us the opportunity to work on some pressing issues without overdoing it, providing us with just the right amount of space and time to allow the process to work to your maximum benefit.

Frankie Mooney's unique blend of change work is engineered hypnotically. Layered with a deep knowledge and instantly practical tools, woven is a technology designed to leave impressions on the subconscious mind where ideas take hold without ciritical analysis resulting in dramatic changes at an automatic level.

"I now have the belief that I can do better. That I can be somebody that I am proud of.  It really helped me."- James Stuart, Your Defining Moment Client


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