Corporate Training & Workshops - Frankie Mooney - Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Hypnotist and International Best-Selling Author

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Corporate Training & Workshops
with Frankie Mooney

Consultant for multiple Top 10 Fortune 500 companies year on year.
Over $500 million USD revenue in sales.
Clients include BMW, Sony, Microsoft and Samsung.
Individually closed 6-figure deals for large multi-national conglomerates.
Negotiated $60 million USD investments successfully to close with international family trust advisory groups in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

In high-demand from Government (domestic and international), leads education roundtables and represents multiple charities as Ambassador. More than a motivational speaker and coach, Frankie is a visionary.

As the foremost leading authority on psychotechnology, Frankie's insights on mind power, behaviour change and peak performance are unrivalled and his strategies and advice have transformed businesses, schools, communities and workplaces all over the world.

Investment: from £250,000
*Note: Fee does not include travel, transfers or accommodation.
Booking dependent upon availability. Subject to interview.
I understand that by submitting an inquiry should we agree to work together that I will be able to commit to the coaching fee.
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