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Frankie Mooney's coaching has helped millions of people from all over the world achieve their goals and transform their lives.

In creating a range of programs to suit your budget and availability, Frankie's mission is to ensure everyone can experience Mooney Magic in their lives.

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Exclusive Private Coaching
with Frankie Mooney

Highly Limited Places
One year coaching program
Access to telephone, sms and e-mail
Investment: £1,000,000 per annum

For those who want more.
Serious inquiries only. Non-refundable. Interview required.
One Session
with Frankie Mooney

One session
(typically 30-60 minutes)
In person only.
Cost: £75,000

This session is conducted in person at my home. Homework is provided in advance. Interview required.
Group Intensives
with Frankie Mooney

1-3 Days
(typically 10am-5pm with breaks)
2-10 People
Cost: from £100,000

Interview required.
I understand that by submitting an inquiry should we agree to work together that I will be able to commit to the coaching fee.
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