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7 Effective Actions That Propel You To Success

Are you doing what needs to be done to ensure your success? Or are you doing the things that are easy? Or maybe you haven’t given it any thought at all. Most of us don’t examine our choices to see if they stand up to scrutiny. We tend to do the same things over and over, because they’re familiar and comfortable. However, it’s possible you haven’t been making the best use of your time.

If you want to experience greater success, it’s important to use your time wisely. Are you certain that you’re doing the things that really matter?
Frankie Mooney | 26/4/2021

How Do You Sabotage Your Success?

Everyone has had the experience of self-destructing. It’s a strange feeling to know that you ruined the very thing you were trying so hard to accomplish. Most self-sabotage is the result of discomfort. It can be the discomfort of failing, succeeding, or having to perform tasks that are uncomfortable.
Frankie Mooney | 21/1/2021

Aligning Your Entrepreneurial Ventures With Your Beliefs

The oxford dictionary defines beliefs as ‘an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof’. They are an important part of human life as they play a crucial role in influencing life all around. So much literature has focused on how beliefs shape our reality; from how they influence our behavior to how our beliefs influence the behavior of others. Basically, beliefs influence how we make sense of life and the world in general. We wouldn’t be doing justice if we do not mention that some beliefs are true and they set us free and protect us from ourselves and the negativity around us, while some are false and they make us slaves to those who instill them as well as our mindset.
Frankie Mooney | 11/1/2021

An Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Lead To Success

For over 20 years, using psychotechnologies like hypnosis and NLP, I've been supporting and promoting the entrepreneurial mindset. I've been responsible for developing and leading Government initiatives for introducing enterprise into education and my lifelong learning strategies are in schools and learning centres all over the world some 15 years later. What does that actually mean and why should having an entrepreneurial mindset be useful for someone who isn't necessarily interested in being an entrepreneur per se?
Frankie Mooney | 9/1/2021

What is Hypnosis and Can It Help?

When you hear the word hypnosis, what immediately comes to mind? Is it a dark figure with a goatee swinging a pocket watch back and forth in an attempt to take control over your mind and have you do his evil bidding for him? If so, then it's time to turn off the cartoons and pay attention.
Frankie Mooney | 8/1/2021

Have a Strategy for Losing Weight in the New Year

Too many people resolve to lose weight but never actually have a plan in place for doing it. Therefore, year after year, they have the same New Year’s resolution because their goal was never achieved. Has this happened to you? How can you change this relentless pattern?
Frankie Mooney | 22/12/2020

Lost a Loved One? Celebrate Their Life During the Holidays

When a loved one has passed on, the next group of holidays can be painful, sad, and scary. But your loved one would've wanted you to be happy and joyful, smiling as you remember the good times you shared. To work toward that peaceful feeling, find a way to celebrate your loved one's life this holiday season.
Frankie Mooney | 10/12/2020

Creating Abundance By Changing Your Habits

Whether you’d like to lose a few pounds, enhance your love life, or make more money, your habits are important. Your current situation is the result of your habits. Habits control what we do and think each day. Your thoughts and actions add up over weeks, months, and years. Your circumstances are the result.
Frankie Mooney | 6/12/2020
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